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Review: Bad News Bears

After seeing this remake I wanted to shout: “Bad news for the viewers!” Yes, it’s that bad. If you haven’t seen the original, you might find this movie to be slightly more pleasurable than a fastball in the gut. Topping Walter Matthau who was already famous for his portrayal of a slob in the original Bears and The Odd Couple, ... Read More »

Steve Jobs confirms Apple switch to Intel

It’s official! Steve Jobs has just confirmed the rumours during his WWDC keynote. Apple is moving from IBM to Intel. MacObserver has reporters live at the WWDC running an IRC-to-web like updates in near real time of Steve Jobs WWDC keynote. There has been no wider speculation from both sides — those for and against — in recent Apple history. ... Read More »

Flickr bought by Yahoo!

The rumours are over, as the official Flickrblog now confirms that indeed Yahoo has purchased photo-sharing application extraodinaire Flickr. This is a great move, I think, for Yahoo. Now comes the question of whether they will sit on the app like Google has done pretty much with Blogger or really intergrate and continue to innnovate. The explanation via Flickrblog: Flickr ... Read More »

Review: 2005 Northern Voice blogging conference

I blogged my first conference on Saturday: Northern Voice in Vancouver, BC. It was a curious experiment and event. Yes, I’ve blogged the monthly blogger meetups in Seattle for four months now (11/2004, 12/2004, 1/2005 and 2/2005), but this was the first time I have blogged an actual conference. The event was held downtown at the UBC Robson had excellent ... Read More »