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Concert Review – Pearl Jam Live at the A.C.C.

Ringing ears, pumping fists, and a lung full of the "Mary-Jane".... Read More »

CD Review: J-San and the Analogue Sons

Dirty Reggae ... it's a smooth, political, soulful sound that makes ya want to grind. Read More »

Book Review: Living the Artist’s Life by Paul Dorrell

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CD Review: Daniel Powter

A pop artist with two things a lot of the others don't have - talent and a healthy dose of cynicism. Read More »

Movie Review: Unknown White Male

One of the most amazing, thought provoking films I have ever seen. Read More »

Book Review: Institutionalized by Fred Smith and Joe Schmoe

Corportate Insanity: thy name is Institutionalized Industries! Read More »

DVD Review-Tori Amos-The Video Collection: Fade To Red

Tori fans: the red headed muse is back! Read More »

CD Review: Underworld-Evolution Soundtrack

A fleshy compilation for you to sink your teeth into. Read More »

James Frey: A Note to My Readers

I translated his letter to reveal what he really meant to say. Read More »

CD Review – Neil Young’s Greatest Hits

16 tracks of musical mastery. Read More »