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The Tao of Shuster

In which I can, improbably, relate to an Olympic athlete. Read More »

Tiger Woods Hecklers Will Be Awesome

Whenever he comes back, look for creative fans to give him deserved hell. Read More »

Curling, Day 3: More Commercial Interruption

We now return you to your actual competition already in progress, because commercials are hard to figure out when to air. Read More »

Figure Skating’s Mysterious Machismometer

Johnny Weir makes it do damn difficult to gauge the sport. Read More »

Curling, Day 2: Featuring Swedish Blondes

And if that doesn't grab your attention, then nothing will. Read More »

Curling, Day 1: It’s Like Canada’s Good At This

Meanwhile, USA is bringing up the rear, so it can only get better. Read More »

THF: Long Gray Bearded People Need Not Apply

A pothole, a torch pole, and a Duval. Guess which one actually worked this weekend? Read More »

Why Did NBC Show Kumaritashvili’s Crash?

Yet alone three times, twice in slow motion. Read More »

THF: The Cognitive Effect of Windmills on Mainstream Entertainment

Also, there are some sporadic mentions about the Super Bowl. Read More »

Bud Light’s Super Bowl Superiority Is Skunked

"Jumped the shark" has been replaced with "bought the voice box." Read More »