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Porcello Might Need To Call AAA

A trip to Toledo just may help the young twentysomething, while it's probably Armando Galarraga's turn to solidify the rotation like he did in 2008. Read More »

Austin Jackson Is Outplaying Curtis Granderson

After just a month, I think everybody's surprised as to which center fielder/leadoff hitter is performing better. Read More »

Big Ten’s 11 To Become 16 Because 7 8 9

Missouri, Syracuse, Nebraska, Rutgers, Pittsburgh may all become part of the Big Tween. Read More »

Can We Boycott The Diamondbacks Bullpen Instead?

With boycotts and oaths of silence coming down on the team because of its owner's campaign contributions, it puts fans and writers in a tricky bind. Read More »

Who Will First Reach 100 Triples?

In the context of three-base hits, baseball may finally break itself free from the Dark Ages. Read More »

Little Love For The MAC In The NFL Draft

Dan LeFevour slid down, but seventh-rounder Jameson Konz is a shoe-in to be a Pro Bowler. Book it. Read More »

The NFL Draft: Three Hours Of Guys Answering Their Cell Phones

The NFL needs to decide: Do they try to keep secrets until the announcement, or do they want to disseminate information as quickly as possible? Read More »

THF: An American Playoff: Fievel Loves The West

On a special Wednesday edition, we discuss the NBA playoffs and a sneaky good idea for a possible NFL Draft format. Read More »

Satire: New Roethlisberger Incident From 2003 Comes To Light

Did Big Ben also have his way with unsuspecting victims in college? Read More »

Jimenez No-Hitters Happen Every 3,550 Days

Ubaldo Jimenez's gem against the Atlanta Braves is nothing like Jose Jimenez's no-hitter against the Diamondbacks 11 years ago. Just in case you were wondering. Read More »