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THF: Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery While Watching NFL Playoffs

Also, how Gilbert Arenas' fanbase must regroup and how we look back at 2009's biggest idiots. Read More »

A Vivacious Valverde Vivisection

What's the point of signing a marquee closer when 2010 looks to be a starting lineup land grab? Read More »

Conan’s Ultimatum Had To Be NBC’s Plan All Along

Nobody else would get away with that kind of insubordination. It's a conspiracy, man. Read More »

Why MAC Football Should Relegate Itself To The FCS

And here's four-and-a-half reasons why it makes sense. And none of them have to do with how much they suck. Read More »

Give The Fans a HOF Vote

Just one vote. This isn't asking for much. Read More »

THF: New Year, Same Old Shenanigans

Charlie Doherty guest co-hosts a cavalcade of NFL playoffs, BCS, Hall of Fame, and coaching carousel chatter. Read More »

Did McCoy’s Injury Expose The BCS?

CFN's Matt Zemek says this is a reason why we need playoffs. We might need them, but it has nothing to do with injuries. Read More »

BCS Championship: Alabama-Texas Live Blog

And how not to repeat history. Read More »

Boise State’s Perfect Again (And Without A Championship)

And it's all thanks to that confounded BCS! Read More »

Give “Resting Starters” Talk A Rest

It's not like had Manning or Brees played the whole game, Week 17 was going to be hotter than habaneros. Read More »