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Healing means to restore to health of mind, body and spirit, and from its Old English root, to make whole. Healing is the action of bringing about this restoration and healing is also the process of returning to health and wholeness. Healing can involve allopathic medicine or complementary and alternative medicine or a mixture of both. There is ongoing debate ... Read More »


Are you interested in training others or training yourself? The blogosphere abounds with training offers, hints and tips to find the training you want.  Training is required for every area of our lives: physical, such as sports training, endurance training and power training; mental – skills and abilities of every kind from languages to IT, and recreational, such as dog ... Read More »


Freedom means being able to think, choose, and act independently without constraint and is arguably one of the basic human rights. Total freedom of the individual, without a sense of responsibility or self-restraint, soon infringes on the freedom of others and therefore freedom of the individual in a society involves some measure of regulation and boundaries. These boundaries are not ... Read More »


Dreams make up the pattern of our days and nights, whether we want to win the lottery, plan a house extension or aspire to greatness, or whether we are enjoying wild creative adventures through amazing landscapes. Which dreams are real? Some dreams remain fantasy and some are or are becoming reality. Dreams are part of our search for meaning, their ... Read More »