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Music Review: Bo Bice – See the Light

Bo Bice, the poet without a pen comes out with the real thing and Sees the Light. Read More »

Music Review: Magni Asgiersson – Magni

Magni Asgierrson releases his new album via iTunes. A haunting body of work that will invade your senses. Read More »

The Sanjaya Express Runs Out of Track

The little engine that could runs out of track. Read More »

Sanjaya Malakar, Star Power or Super Fizzle?

Sanjaya Malakar found his courage on the Idol stage. Read More »

American Idol’s Top Ten, Malakar Makes It

He thought he could; Malakar makes Idol top ten. Read More »

American Idol’s Little Engine That Could

Sanjaya Malakar, fighting a steep uphill battle, is the Idol tour a possibility? Hicks fought and won, can Malakar believe? Read More »

Taylor Hicks and Surviving in the American Idol Hamster Wheel

American Idol, talent search or closer to reality show Survivor, Taylor Hicks continues to be compared to Daughtry in sales. Read More »

Texas Border Patrolmen Rewarded with Prison

Texas Border Patrollers rewarded with prison time for doing their job. Appeals fall on President Bush's deaf ears. Read More »

Taylor Hicks, Does He Make Idol Proud?

Taylor Hicks, must make himself proud. The rest of the pieces will fall as they should. Read More »

TV Review: Rock Star: Supernova – Season Finale

Lukas Rossi - you're hired, but the band has no name. Rock Star: Supernova picks a winner through a jerky finale. Read More »