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White Lamb Down

A recent poll found that 2/3 of Americans favor public executions. Right now, millions are paying for the privilege of witnessing one at cinemas around the country. Read More »

The Ultimate Reality Show

That's right, Battle of the Network Stars! Read More »

Psycho-delic Sheik

Let's get it on Read More »

The Greatest Jesus Movie Ever Made

You'd think the Jesus Genre would be a goldmine of cinematic quality --after all, the story basically writes itself. But you would be wrong. Read More »

Green Tamborine

Is this flaky song from the 60's an ode to a lame percussion piece or something far more insidious? Read More »

It’s a Wonderful Life

Wow, here's a movie nobody's written about! Read More »

It Came From Blog!

Imagine the blogosphere were a 50's sci-fi movie... Read More »

The Sims

Algorithms haven't frustrated me this much since High School... Read More »

Stuff III

Pink Elephants and the Bus Station Read More »

Stuff II: Electric Boogaloo

Beers and Mattress Bopping Read More »