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Fond Thoughts For The Da Vinci Code

The hysteria about the book is far more entertaining than the book itself and should be encouraged as often as possible. Read More »

Why There Won’t Be A Democratic Landslide in November

So Bush and the Republicans are tanking in the polls? It don't mean a thing unless the Dems take a swing. Read More »

Minamata 50 Years Later

Unnecessary deaths on a small Japanese island from mercury poison only became public because of a great photojournalist, Eugene Smith. Read More »

Ted Hughes Gets An Appropriate Memorial

For a poet whose work was grounded in nature, a nature walk grounded in poetry. Read More »

Si Se Puede: Amnesty For The Immigrants

You wanna build a wall along the southern border? Fine, but as soon as it's done, chuck Michelle Malkin and Lou Dobbs over the top. Read More »

Wit vs. Humor: Why Stephen Colbert’s Performance Was Masterful

Some defensive pundits are saying Bush got more laughs than Colbert. Of course he did. Colbert was after something more than just laughs. Read More »

Another Turning Point in Iraq

More blowback from Iraq that we can look forward to. Read More »

I Got Your War On Christianity Right Here

For all the conservative whining about "persecution" of Christianity, religion remains largely exempt from criticism in the public sphere. Read More »

CD Review: Bruce Springsteen, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions – Poguetry in Motion

If you thought an album of folk standards was going to sound like compulsory chapel with a side order of wheat germ and broccoli, disabuse yourself of that notion. Read More »

How Dare You be Intolerant of My Tolerance for Your Intolerance About Tolerance!

We can save America from damnation by not giving a damn about religion. Read More »