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Book Review: True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa, by Michael Finkel

When Christian Longo [Google search] was arrested in Mexico on suspicion of having murdered his wife Mary Jane and their three children in Oregon in 2002 he was going by an alias. He’d adopted the name and profession of one Michael Finkel, a writer for New York Times Magazine. Oddly, Finkel himself had just recently been fired from the magazine, ... Read More »

Dear Matt Drudge…

Snoopy had a nifty little song on some old Peanuts cartoon that always helped me through this one, Matt — something about “i before e except after c…” — except you probably needed to include the “i” first. It is a testimony to the everlasting hold the Clintons have on the public imagination and the everlasting hard-on Matt Drudge will ... Read More »

Adam Went Mad

Once upon a time a writer, Cal Fussman, and an artist, Lucy Schaeffer, got together and wrote a book, The Guest Who Threw Tomatoes. It tells the witty story of Pepe, who comes to visit the Sapikowski family from his home in Spain. Here are a few paragraphs from an excerpt published online: Adam knew it was special to have ... Read More »