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travel blogs

A great way to travel vicariously through the eyes of another is to read travel blogs.    Travel blogs are blogs written exclusively about travel.  Reading a travel blog is much like reading the personal diary of a person experiencing a new location for the first time, or revisiting an old favorite and experiencing the memories and familiarities of the place.  ... Read More »


Vacation is often defined as a break from work or duties; as in summer break or travel devoted to rest and relaxation or instruction. The most popular of these is the pleasure trip. Often people enjoy vacation packages, which include most of the vacation activities for one price. All-inclusive and other cheap vacations help travelers stay within their budget by ... Read More »

family travel

Travel with kids requires a completely different planning process than traveling alone, or even as a couple.  Planning a family vacation can be a daunting task; trying to fit in everyone’s interests, and finding age-appropriate activities for every family member… no parent wants to go in blind.  The amount of gear you need to pack is enough to keep some ... Read More »

travel tips

When traveling to a new destination, it’s often helpful to get advice and inside information before leaving home.  It seems everyone is looking for travel tips to make their trip easier and safer.  Many sights offer tips for a specific type of traveler, such as : business traveler, parents traveling with children, students traveling abroad, singles, honeymooners, and seniors, to ... Read More »


In the beginning, there was only one way to travel: on foot. Through the years, people have developed easier and faster ways to get around. From using animals to carry or pull us, to space travel, the innovations have been plenty. There are as many types of travel as there are reasons for traveling. People go to space to discover ... Read More »