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A Real Crisis

Sometimes I lie awake and wonder: will we be able to destroy various dangerous things in time to save them (Social Security, secular government in Iraq, the Bill of Rights…)? The list of things to fear is growing every day. Soon we may all wear Kleenex boxes as we shuffle around our darkened rooms. At least that would speed up ... Read More »

Best Picture IMHO

David Edelstein, in his Obligatory Oscar Commentary advises: Give out your own private awards this year, and watch the Oscars for the spectacle of exhibitionists walking the tightrope between humility and grandiosity. When I emailed that to a friend, he responded by having The Big Lebowski sweep his Josh Awards. I admire the sentiment but think this is playing a ... Read More »

Going Ape

The grass is greening, the robins are returning, this year’s crop of baseball scandals are breaking out, and the nation’s thoughts turn inevitably to… how and whether to teach evolution in our classrooms. NPR’s Greg Allen reports on the controversy in Kansas (What IS the matter with Kansas, anyway?) where opponents of science masquerade as advocates of “intelligent design”. “Science ... Read More »