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A software professional for over 30 years, I now reside in my home state of Indiana where I am a web developer, consultant and civilian journalist, striving to further my education.

David Duerson: A Modern Day Spartacus

In February, NFL veteran David Duerson took his life but spared his brain for scientific research. Perhaps the results will shed light upon some of the causes that he struggled with. Read More »


Senryu, ‘river willow’, is a form of Japanese poetry similar to haiku in structure, yet with cynical, humorous or satirical characteristics. In some cases, the difference can be difficult to discern. There has been a recent surge in the popularity of haiku poetry in Western culture, also of senryu by association. It is fairly commonplace to find haiku and senryu ... Read More »


The seat of Delaware County in east central Indiana, Muncie lies on the White River, a tributary of the Wabash River. The Ball family from Buffalo, New York, arrived to the area during the 1880s establishing Ball Corporation for production of its Mason jars. The family foundation then formed Ball Memorial Hospital and Ball Teachers College. Ball Corporation has since ... Read More »

super bowl

Super Bowl, in general context, refers to the season championship game of the National Football League.  Prior to January of 1967, the professional football championship game was simply called the NFL Championship. During that period of the 1960s there was a popular toy distributed by the Wham-O corporation called the Super Ball. Lamar Hunt, founder of the American Football League, ... Read More »


Discombobulated is an adjective defined as the state of being confused, disoriented or upset. The verb form of the word is discombobulate, to incur a state of disorientation or confusion. The term was first used in the early 20th century (or as early as 1834 according to some sources) and is believed to be derived from the word, discomposed, though ... Read More »


Considered the longest, non-technical, word in the English dictionary, antidisestablishmentarianism was first used in a 19th century essay entitled “Church and State” by British Liberal party politician, William Ewart Gladstone, to describe a political position regarding religious authority in the United Kingdom. Gladstone served four non-consecutive terms as British Prime Minister toward the latter years of Victorian England as well ... Read More »