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NY Times Not Sure Who Attacked Four Christian Girls

Last week four Christian Indonesian girls who were on their way to their Christian high school were attacked by hooded attackers who successfully beheaded three of the girls. However, what most people would consider an outrage, The Washington Post and the the LA Times doesn’t even consider newsworthy. The Washington Post spent most of their ink dealing with the bird ... Read More »

NY Times Blasts Amy Grant’s Three Wishes

A few days ago New York Times writer Ned Martel wrote an article called Manna from Hollywood: Charity Begins on TV about NBC’s new Friday night television show Three Wishes hosted by Grammy award winning singer Amy Grant. As I began to read Martel’s critique of the show I was amazed to see that Martel took issue with a show ... Read More »

Jackson Jurors Should Be Jailed

I am outraged at the unethical, lying and scheming jurors Eleanor Cook who is 79 and Ray Hultman who is 62 years old. These two "elders" should know better than to put their personal fame and love of fortune above children who have been violated sexually.  According to a story from WPMI.com Eleanor has said, Eleanor Cook, 79, said immediately ... Read More »

Movie Review: The Perfect Man

Last night I went to a premier showing of the new summer hit The Perfect Man. The movie is being marketed this way, "Funny, fresh and full of surprises, The Perfect Man  is a humorous story of love, longing and leaving and what can happen when good intentions go awry.  At the story’s heart is the romantic notion of finding ... Read More »

Total Truth is a Rare Gem

Recently I had the opportunity to read and review a very great book called Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity by Nancy Pearcey. If you’ve never read a book on worldview or apologetics, then you are in for a treat because this is just what the doctor ordered. Many books that are published in the Christian world are ... Read More »

Mental Health Medication

Recently a fellow blogger-ette wrote about her experience with bipolar disorder and how she "came out of the closet".  And I found her comments interesting because even though it’s 2005 it’s amazing to me the stigma that mental health issues still have for some people. What I found ironic going through grad school though was that probably well over half ... Read More »

Remembering Ronald Reagan

Today is the first year anniversary of the death of President Reagan.  Please join me in praying for Nancy and the rest of the family. Michael Reagan wrote a column called, "A Year of Memories" it begins… This coming Sunday marks the first anniversary of my father’s death, and I will mark it by visiting the aircraft carrier that bears ... Read More »

UFO Prophet Needs a Girlfriend

Last week World Net Daily did a story on Prophet Yahweh who summoned a UFO for television cameras.  However, if you do a little research on Ramon Watkins, the prophets real name, you will find that he has a desire to meet his "African-American  Queen." In a plea to Yahoo readers, on their personals page, Ramon Watkins asks, "Where is ... Read More »

Intentional Intimidation by Gay Activists

Recently I posted a real life incident that happened to me as my car was vandalized by an apparent "heterosexual hater" of traditional marriage.  And it was obvious to me that the culprit was part of the gay activist crowd because of the rainbow sticker plastered over my pro-family bumper sticker. I raised the question if the tables had been ... Read More »