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General Hospital Sacrifices Its Past and Future: The Killing of Baby Jake

Rumored killing of Baby Jake is a shortsighted plot point General Hospital fans are not taking lightly Read More »

Don’t Boycott ABC Daytime…Buy Them!

Can ABC soap fans irate at General Hospital’s firing of Rebecca Herbst channel their anger constructively and make a difference? Read More »

General Hospital: Maxie and Spinelli Believe… Love Can Be A Wonderful Surprise

Maxie's "I love you" to Spinelli surprises fans and propels one of General Hospitals most magnificent love stories in years. Read More »

General Hospital: Maurice Benard Appears on The View

General Hospital's multi-Emmy winner, Maurice Benard, praised his current storyline on The View, but will this story ruin Sonny Corinthos? Read More »

General Hospital‘s Uninspired Formula for Romance: Like Paired With Like

With a stunning lack of sensitivity, is GH callously demonstrating geeks cannot be romantically paired with the hot, beautiful people? Read More »

General Hospital: Spinelli… Like A Virgin

Is he or isn't he? Amid the unbridled excitement arise lingering questions about Spinelli's virginity. Spin's Vixenella speaks out. Read More »

General Hospital: Medicalizing Spinelli

Would a medical diagnosis explain General Hospital's quirky computer whiz, or is there even more to the Spinelli enigma? Read More »

General Hospital: Pavlov’s Fans

Pavlov's fans... when the soap genre is extinct, we will have only ourselves to blame for not demanding more when we had the chance. Read More »

General Hospital’s Spinelli: The Thinking Fan’s Hero

General Hospital writers and actors -- when they are good they are really good but still bashed by fans. Read More »

My Shocking Exposé of Bias in Soap Media Polling: Part One

Soap opera press -- journalism or propaganda pimping machine? The Vixenella gives her spin in a two-part expose. Read More »