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Obamanomics: Simply Insanity or Crazy Craftiness, Too?

The president's jobs and debt reduction speeches this month are straight from the well-worn Obamanomics handbook. Is repeating mistakes merely insanity or is there a method to this madness? Read More »

Why Obama’s Jobs Speech Will be a Nonstarter

Obama's highly advertised jobs speech, scheduled for Thursday night, will turn out to be just that. Another Obama speech. Don't expect a positive impact on jobs. Read More »

Say it Ain’t So

Even with the truth of Obama's failed performance now plainly evident, the GOP seems unable to field viable opposing candidates. Can a Republican win the White House next year? Read More »

The Fatal Conceit of Perpetual Prosperity: Will it Sell?

With political paralysis gripping Washington D.C., voters must find their own solution to the worst fiscal crisis in our country's history. But, can they? Read More »

The Afterglow

The ink on the debt deal legislation isn't even dry and the debate it was designed to quell is raging once again. And it will continue until politics is replaced by fortitude. Read More »

The Self-Marginalization of Barack Obama

As our commander in chief, the president of the United States is supposed to lead. Barack Obama has done everything but that. Read More »

Global Warming Finally in the Deep Freeze?

Anthropogenic global warming has defied science and common sense for years. This classic political tour de force is about to be forced out. Read More »

The Sum of Our Parts

Politicians rely heavily on appeals to our prejudices and fears, among other emotions, in pushing their agenda. Should we let them? Read More »

The Two for One Solution

Al Gore thinks we have an overpopulation problem. If we do, Obamacare will solve it for us. Read More »

A Little Pawlenty Is Plenty

It's time the GOP starting weeding out some of its weak field of presidential hopefuls. It can start with Tim Pawlenty. Read More »