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Arcade – Into the Light

All-female, alt-rock, lo-fi and catchy - Arcade jangle their guitars and put together enough melody and grit to make for an interesting album. Read More »

The Hives – Tyrannosaurus Hives

... a 12 song, 30 minute gem that drips with sarcasm, dry wit, and even hints of political jabbing. Read More »

The Evan Anthem – Prologue

If you were writing home to a loved one, or breaking down in tears at every stoplight in town, well, this would be the album to have in your CD player. Read More »

Joey’s Loss, Underoath, Yellowcake, and Thomas Simon WalkAbout

One day this past week my mailbox was stuffed with FIVE padded envelopes. Well, here's four of them reviewed. Read More »

An Albatross – We Are The Lazer Viking

This band is a combination of dance, funk, hardcore, and vocals from a bird of prey. Read More »

Tora! Tora! Torrance! – A Cynics Nightmare

Think of the least interesting jam session on the Mars Volta disc, now make it less interesting and make it last for 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Read More »

Trade in your iPod for a Dell

If you're tired of people drooling over your iPod, and how well it works with your iTunes music shopping experiance, rejoice; Dell will give you $100 if you send it to them... Read More »

Athlete – Vehicles and Animals

In fact almost everyone can appreciate this except me; thank God I got it for free. When is the new Weezer album coming out again? Read More »

Wilco – A Ghost is Born

I found that this album gets better with repeated listens but at times Tweedy seems to be pushing the sonic experimentation too far. Read More »

The Evaluation – We Built the Gun That Causes This Unending Fear

... easy on the ears, especially during the many meandering guitar break downs and hands-on-the-hips sing alongs. Read More »