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Michael Savage: The Battle Between Taquiya and Talk Radio

CAIR targets those who dare criticize Islamism for destruction, and now it has set its sights on Michael Savage Read More »

Homo-expect-us: Imposing Values on Christians

Why are Christians expected to shed their principles in deference to the spirit of the age? Read More »

Race-baiting Politician Attacks Michael Savage

A left coast politician is heaping San Francisco values on Michael Savage, but who's the real villain? Read More »

The Anti-Islamist Manifesto

Twelve “brave intellectuals” have issued an anti-Islamist manifesto. But are they part of the solution or part of the problem? Read More »

Free Speech From the Mouths of Babes?

The Supreme Court has permitted a limitation on students’ free speech rights. But is it missing the main point? Read More »

Getting the Government Third Worlders Deserve

If we want a corrupt Third World government, all we need do is invite more Third Worlders into our nation. Read More »

Immigration: Solutions, Not Excuses

Proponents of “shamnesty” have surrendered to the Third World invasion, but the truth is that there is a solution. Read More »

Why They Won’t Assimilate

The notion that today’s immigrants will assimilate is a pipe dream that can turn into a nightmare. Read More »

The Real Immigration Threat

If you think the true threat to our nation is illegal immigration, think again. Read More »

The New Lynching: Why I Must Defend Don Imus

Don Imus' real crime was CWW: Commenting While White. Read More »