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“Alias” – Episode 4.5 – Nocturne

What the hell is happening to my favorite show?!? Last week, a clever filler episode of “Alias” put spies Sydney and Vaughn under deep cover as Russian assassins in a training camp designed to teach hired killers to blend in with middle America. It was a light, clever episode, enjoyable without too much real meat on it. A show as ... Read More »

“Lost” – Episode 15 – Homecoming

Is there such a thing as too much character development? The very fabric of “Lost” is build upon the idea that our intrepid castaways all bring extensive emotional baggage to the island, revealed to us in bits and pieces when certain events from their pasts seem to bear on the current situation in the show. But tonight, when we were ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 409 – Hollywood Group Auditions

I’ve never understood the point of group auditions in “American Idol.” We’re looking for a solo pop star, and there’s no other point in the competition when these singers will be judged on how well they perform together. Sure, there are the awful little scripted numbers in the later rounds, but those are mere fluff and not actually part of ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 408 – Hollywood Solo Auditions

Finally, we’re getting to the good stuff. After enduring three weeks of mixed nuts, American Idol 4 is down to just about 200 contenders. This season, there were so many finalists that the first round of solo auditions had to be split over two days. While half of the performers sweated it out in the Orpheum Theater, the other half ... Read More »

“American Idol” Season Four – Hollywood Preview

Tens of thousands auditioned in hopes of becoming the next Kelly, Ruben, or Fantasia, but only 193 contestants will compete for fame and fortune next week in Hollywood. Here’s a look at how the competition stacks up so far. Jennifer Todd was sent into the semifinals based on her voice, and maybe a little bit of pity. While she is ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 407 – San Francisco Auditions

After three brutal weeks, we’ve finally reached the end of the longest round of American Idol auditions to date. The show wrapped up its opening round in San Francisco tonight with guest judge Brandi. Aside from the usual crop of rejects, there were at least a few singers who’ll be worth watching in the next stage of the competition. Last ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 405 – Las Vegas Auditions

The “AI4” machine hit Sin City tonight in what can only be described as a major letdown after the good, bad, and downright ugly auditions in New Orleans. Yes, there were Elvis impersonators and, yes, there were showgirls. Neither group fared particuarly well. Viewers were also “treated” to Kenny Loggins, who was even blander in his role as guest judge ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 404 – New Orleans Auditions

Was it even worth it for “AI4” to visit the Big Easy? You’d think that New Orleans would have more than its fair share of musical talent, and probably also more than its share of freaks. Unfortunately, you’d only be right on one of those counts. Unlike St. Louis, which is apparently filled with tone-deaf singers with delusions of grandeur, ... Read More »

Google Launches Video Search

How cool is this? As if indexing still images on the web wasn’t enough, Google has now created a fully searchable database of video feeds from major networks. Google Video, launched today in a beta version, uses closed captioning from programs to identify keywords and provides screenshots captured at 30-second intervals and complete transcripts from the following channels: ABC, PBS, ... Read More »