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“American Idol” – The Next Four Eliminations

There’s a lot to be said for brevity, as tonight’s “AI” proved. Rather than subject viewers to another tortuous hour of pandering, the producers wisely gave us a quick 30 minutes in which to bid adieu to this week’s four lowest vote getters. Another welcome change tonight was the lack of any encore performances, an aspect of the show that ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 415 – The Top 10 Female Vocalists

Unlike the uniformly solid performances from the men last night, the women were a decidedly mixed bag in this second round of finals. Some of the weaker contestants from last week cranked it up a notch or two, but an equal number who shone in the first round faltered tonight. Aloha Mischeaux, who had ended last week’s show, started things ... Read More »

“The Apprentice” – Episode 306 – The Writing On The Wall

After the past few weeks of watching “The Apprentice,” anyone with a college degree may have started to question if four years spent as an undergraduate was nothing more than wasted time. The Street Smarts team has really cleaned up, and the university grads have faltered in nearly every challenge so far. With a five-to-seven manpower advantage, the task this ... Read More »

“Lost” – Episode 17 – …In Translation

Clever title for this episode, but apt. While I may have slammed the show two weeks ago for delving too much into over-the-top explanations of character, the subsequent installments have proved without a doubt that the creative team behind “Lost” still know exactly what they are doing. What continues to amaze about this program is that, just when you think ... Read More »

“American Idol” – The First Four Eliminations

Well, it appears we are back to stretching 10 minutes worth of content into a full hour of fluff. Tonight’s episode was exactly what we’ve seen in past seasons, from the redundant recaps of last night’s performances to the horribly overused (and transparent) misdirection. Things started off with a quick summary of the season so far. In case you haven’t ... Read More »

“The Apprentice” – Episode 305 – Airstream of Conciousness

After last week’s total disaster, both Magna and Net Worth were raring to go tonight. Since the teams failed so miserably at the advertising challenge, everyone had something to prove in the latest endeavor. As usual, the task was revealed quickly and with little fanfare. Each team was to get a custom built Airstream trailer in which to create a ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 410 – Hollywood Auditions, Day Four

What a night for “American Idol.” With only 75 contestants remaining, there were sure to be some fan favorites pulled out of the mix, and there were certain to be plenty of tears all around. As in past seasons, the contestants were separated into four rooms, two of which would be cut wholesale from the competition tonight. In Room #1: ... Read More »

“Numb3rs” – Episode 1.4 – Structural Corruption

After only three episodes, I was ready to write off what appears to be CBS’s latest hit as just another by-the-numbers (pun most certainly intended) crime procedural. Granted, of the latest generation of “CSI” wannabes, it is certainly the one with the most promise, far more compelling than the lackluster “Medium” and more believable than the certain-to-be-short-lived “Blind Justice.” For ... Read More »

“The Apprentice” – Episode 304 – Soap Dopes

The third season of “The Apprentice” is shaping up to be the most intense yet. While the dynamic of “Street Smarts” versus “Book Smarts” is interesting in theory, neither team seems to have any real competitive edge, making each week a very close call. So far, the success of each group has hinged almost solely on the performance of the ... Read More »