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“American Idol” – Episode 418a – Lindsey Cardinale Departs

No real surprise on “American Idol” tonight that Lindsey Cardinale was the first of the Top 12 finalists to leave the show. While she does have a nice voice and is certainly easy on the eyes, her performances have been weak and largely unimpressive. The three lowest vote-getters, however, probably were not what many viewers were expecting. Joining Lindsey at ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Episode 418 – 1960s

Not a great start to the finals on “American Idol” this season. Tonight, the remaining twelve contestants could choose any song from the 1960s to perform. Here’s the lineup: 1. Jessica Sierra – “Shop Around” (1960) 2. Anwar Robinson – “A House Is Not A Home” (1964) 3. Mikalah Gordon – “Son Of A Preacher Man” (1968) 4. Constantine Maroulis ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Finals Preview

On Tuesday night, the Top 12 contestants in Season Four of “American Idol” will hit the stage. Because of the gender-balancing act being performed this time around, the men and the women have not yet had to compete against each other. Conventional wisdom last season was that the women were much stronger, so this rejiggering was intended to deliver a ... Read More »

Mario Vazquez Quits “American Idol”

In a real shocker for fans of “American Idol,” Top 12 finalist Mario Vazquez has bowed out of the show: Mario Vazquez, the Latino heartthrob who won fans with his smooth renditions of Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do” and the Bee Gees’ “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” “has withdrawn from the competition for personal reasons,” Fox announced Sunday ... Read More »

Tracking Trailers: Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Is the science fiction genre dying? For the first time since 1987, there will be no “Star Trek” on television, and the final chapter in that other great saga will hit movie theaters around the world in just over two months. Sure, there are countless spin-offs in the form of novels, video games, and more merchandising than you can shake ... Read More »

“The Apprentice” – Episode 308 – Bling It On

Quite a leap on “The Apprentice” tonight. Last week, our two teams were building and managing mini golf courses for kids. This week, they were auctioning off “experiences” with some of today’s hottest musicians. Up until this episode, the challenges for Magna (Book Smarts) and Net Worth (Street Smarts) have been fairly low-key. They’ve managed fast food restaurants, run seaside ... Read More »

“The Apprentice” Rocks

Could Gene Simmons be the next big reality TV star? Early this year, the former KISS frontman sat in as a guest judge for Fox’s “American Idol” auditions in New Orleans. Tonight, Simmons and other stars of rock and rap make a guest appearance on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”: Lil’ Kim, Eve, Fat Joe, Barenaked Ladies, Moby, Gene Simmons, Lil’ ... Read More »

“American Idol” – The Top 12 Finalists Revealed

Crunch time on “AI4” tonight, as the last four semi-finalists were sent home and the Top 12 singers who will compete in the finals were finally announced. With more than 120 million votes cast so far, the fourth season of “American Idol” is showing no signs of slowing down. Next week, when the men and women finally compete together, expect ... Read More »

“The Apprentice” – Episode 307 – Project Putt Putt

Things really heated up on tonight’s episode of “The Apprentice,” starting with the complete meltdown of the Net Worth (Street Smarts) team. It seems Audrey didn’t take kindly to being singled out in last week’s Boardroom as the “weak link,” so she went out on the balcony and threw a hissy fit, lamenting her lot in life to Angie and ... Read More »