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Limousine Liberals vs. Boston Commuters

When the DNC hits Beantown for its national convention this July, getting around town is going it become a living hell for the millions of men and women who live and work in Metro Boston. In particular, the 25,000 commuters who get to work via the rail line will no longer be able to take the train all the way ... Read More »

American Idol – Soul Results

America got it right tonight and booted pretentious, preening drama queen Leah LaBelle from the otherwise stellar Top 12. While there are a few other rotten eggs among this bunch, Leah has been the worst offender by far, and her eviction from AI3 was most welcome. Of course, we had to endure 30 minutes of filler and then a 30 ... Read More »

Democrats Won’t Support the Troops

The U.S. House of Representatives voted today on a bill pledging support to the Iraqi people and the U.S. coalition troops in Iraq. While the bill passed 228-195, the seemingly non-partisan issue of supporting the democratic aspirations of Iraq and the bravery of our troops overseas was anything but. Only two Democrats voted for the resolution, which reads in part: ... Read More »

Post-Invasion Life Better for Iraqis

Results of a February 2004 survey of 2,700 Iraqis indicate that a majority view their lives as better now than before the U.S.-led invasion to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Overall, 56% of those polled view their lives as better now than before the war began in Spring 2003, compared to only 19% who view things as worse. Their view ... Read More »

American Idol – Soul

And the game is on. AI3 kicked off its twelve weeks of finals Tuesday night with a “soul” theme, and there was plenty to go around. I’ll break down the winners, the losers, and my predictions for tomorrow’s results show. THE WINNERS Fantasia Barrino Watching Fantasia, you have to wonder why she doesn’t already have a recording contract and a ... Read More »