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American Idol – Episode 420a – Another Woman Down

Not exactly a surprise tonight that Jessica Sierra was the first of the Top 10 contestants to leave the show. While it wasn’t as easy a call as losing Lindsey Cardinale in the first week and Mikalah Gordon last week, among a talented group of performers, Jessica was more than a little bit out of her league. In fact, I ... Read More »

American Idol – Episode 420 – 1990s

We are down to the Top 10 finalists on Season Four of American Idol, and tonight the remaining singers took on songs of the 1990s. Some of the song choices were safe and obvious, but there were more than a few surprises: 1. Bo Bice – “Remedy” – The Black Crowes 2. Jessica Sierra – “On the Side of Angels” ... Read More »

American Idol Season Four – Updating the Odds

Of more than 100,000 hopefuls, only 10 remain. This week, one more of the American Idol Season 4 finalists will be sent home. They’ve already beat the odds by making it this far, but what are their chances of making it all the way to the top? I last posted my odds for the remaining contestants two weeks ago. Here’s ... Read More »

24 – Episode 415 – “Day 4: 9:00PM-10:00PM”

So now we know what makes this fourth season of 24 different from the previous three installments: it’s not Jack Bauer’s really long, really bad day–it’s Audrey Raines’ really long, really bad day. In case you’ve lost track (or haven’t been paying attention), let’s review what Mrs. Raines has been through so far today: 1) Kidnapped by terrorists. 2) Attempted ... Read More »

American Idol – Episode 419a – Mikalah Gets Booted

Well, the Fox Network and the producers of American Idol are going home happy this week, even if one of the remaining finalists is not. Last night’s extra show, added after a graphical glitch during Tuesday’s performances, pushed the results show to tonight and generated a record-breaking 31.5 million votes from America. The dismissal drill is old hat by now. ... Read More »

The Apprentice – Episode 309 – “Pandora’s Box”

Tonight’s episode of The Apprentice proved just how unpredictable things can be in the corporate world. One minute, you’re riding high as the boss’s favorite. But one mistake, and you’re out the door. After last week’s episode, it was clear that 26-year-old lawyer Erin was a favorite of the Donald’s. Though her team lost, she impressed him with her on-air ... Read More »

American Idol Hopefuls Get One More Shot

Particularly observant viewers may have noticed something askew with last night’s episode of American Idol. It turns out that the phone numbers displayed on-screen for three of the contestants–Mikalah Gordon, Anwar Robinson, and Jessica Sierra–were incorrect. Thus, viewers who dialed in to vote for their favorites may have inadvertently voted for other contestants. The producers of the show are addressing ... Read More »

American Idol – Episode 419 – #1 Billboard Hits

After an incredibly disappointing start to the finals last week, the 11 remaining finalists came back with a vengeance tonight to deliver what could have been the best single night in any season of the show so far. Tonight’s theme was #1 Billboard Hits, and the contestants picked an eclectic mix: 1. Anthony Fedorov – “I Knew You Were Waiting ... Read More »