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Music Review: Jimmy Buffett – License To Chill

If it seems like Jimmy Buffett’s been singing the same songs for well on twenty-five years now, it’s because, well, he has. Buffett has succeeded solely on the power of his immense group of fanatic aficionados, who take the laid-back, devil-may-care lifestyle espoused in his songs to heart. Though these devoted Parrotheads ensure that the singer sells out venues across ... Read More »

Movie Review: Collateral

Michael Mann takes a break from bidding for an Oscar with a return to the dark, gritty style he pioneered back in his Miami Vice days. Collateral is a taut thriller carried equally by Mann’s direction and bravura performances by Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. Foxx plays Max, a Los Angeles taxi driver with big dreams and a slight obsessive ... Read More »

Movie Review: The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

In the most recent of an endless parade of updates, remakes and rehashes of classic films, director Jonathan Demme has attempted to recreate the classic 1962 political satire The Manchurian Candidate; he does so with great skill but only moderate success. While the 2004 version is a decent enough thriller with at least a few chilling moments, it doesn’t hold ... Read More »

The Lord Of The Rings: The Exhibition

After a successful run at the Science Museum of London, The Lord Of The Rings exhibition gallery has moved across the pond to the Boston Museum of Science. Riding the coattails of Peter Jackson’s popular trilogy, the exhibit showcases props, costumes, and technology from all three movies. The entrance to the gallery is designed to look like the Mines of ... Read More »

The Bourne Supremacy

With the James Bond franchise now Bondless and Mission: Impossible 3 still directorless, where can spy thriller fans turn? Why, to Jason Bourne, of course. Matt Damon reprises his role as the amnesic secret agent in the new sequel to Doug Liman’s excellent 2002 actioner. Liman stays on as producer this time, relinquishing the director’s chair to relative newcomer Paul ... Read More »

The Village

M. Night Shyamalan is one of the few working writer/directors with as much name recognition and drawing power as today’s top actors. His first major film, The Sixth Sense, was a runaway critical and commercial success, earning six Oscar nominations and grossing nearly $700 million world-wide. The deliberate pacing, understated performances, and “twist” ending made the film markedly different from ... Read More »

Images From The DNC: Part Three

Inside the FleetCenter, convention delegates and big media relax in plush luxury boxes with full service catering. On the other side of the barbed wire and steel barricades lies the “Free Speech Zone,” where everybody seems to have an opinion. And not a Port-A-Potty in sight! Scrawled message of protest Even hate speech is protected A local restaurateur speaks out ... Read More »