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American Idol – Episode 424a – Constantine Maroulis Out

Well, we have our first real shocker of the fourth season of American Idol. Early favorite Constantine Maroulis will be rejoining his band, Pray For The Soul Of Betty, as he received the lowest number of votes on the show this week. Last night, Con turned in one of his weaker performances with an enthusiastic rendition of a sub-par song ... Read More »

American Idol – Episode 424 – 2000-2005

The American Idol producers are clearly running out of ideas for weekly themes, as tonight’s was simply any track from the past five years. One would have thought that with such a broad array of choices, the contestants would have picked better songs than they ended up with. 1. Carrie Underwood – “When God Fearin’ Women Get The Blues” – ... Read More »

Rogue American Idol Fans Vote for the “Worst” Singers

Once again, we’ve reached that point in the American Idol competition where the voting trends seem to defy all logic and reason. From a relatively objective point of view, two excellent singers, Nadia Turner and Anwar Robinson, have been sent home, and two mediocre (at best) singers still remain among the top six contestants. Some fans of the show are ... Read More »

American Idol – Episode 423a – Adios Anwar

The American Idol audience got it wrong tonight, sending home the talented Anwar Robinson over the bland Anthony Fedorov and the excruciating Scott Savol. Last night, Anwar recovered from a few off weeks, but it apparently wasn’t enough to renew America’s initial adoration for the middle school music teacher. The top four of Vonzell, Constantine, Carrie, and Bo were no ... Read More »

American Idol Gets Funky – Episode 423 – 1970s Dance Music

The final seven American Idol finalists put on their dancing shoes tonight to take on the sounds of the 70s. 1. Constantine Maroulis – “Nights on Broadway” – The BeeGees 2. Carrie Underwood – “MacArthur Park” – Donna Summer 3. Scott Savol – “Everlasting Love” – Carl Carlton 4. Anthony Fedorov – “Don’t Take Away the Music” – Tavares 5. ... Read More »

Blogcritics Visiting Sin City

The latest comics-to-film adaptation, Frank Miller’s Sin City, cleaned up at the box office last weekend. Your Blogcritics weigh in with thoughts on the comics, the film, and more. Breaking Windows Sin City Review It has been a while since I have seen a movie before it hits DVD. And I must admit, I had fairly high expectations for “Sin ... Read More »

American Idol – Episode 421 – Musicals

It was a first for American Idol tonight as the remaining nine contestants tried their hands at classic showtunes. 1. Scott Savol – “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha 2. Constantine Maroulis – “My Funny Valentine” from Babes in Arms 3. Carrie Underwood – “Hello, Young Lovers” from The King and I 4. Vonzell Solomon – “People” from ... Read More »

Papa John’s Trumps Donald and The Apprentice

Tonight on The Apprentice, the two teams worked with Domino’s Pizza to develop a meatball pizza. In past challenges such as this, the sponsor has gone on to launch the product developed on the show the very next day, as happened last week with the winning Storage Chest DIY clinic for Home Depot, as well as early in the season ... Read More »

The Apprentice – Episode 310 – “The Pie’s The Limit”

The eight remaining Apprentice candidates got a taste of the pizza business tonight in a task that was less about creativity or originality and more about simply moving product to keep the cash register ringing. With the Net Worth team down to only three players (Angie, Stephanie, and Chris), Trump started off tonight’s show by giving them their choice of ... Read More »