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Stimulus is Not a Four Letter Word

His economic stimulus plan worked, so why is President Obama afraid to say so? Especially when we need another one. Read More »

London Calling: Will U.S. Riots Follow?

The causes that The Washington Post traces for the London riots should sound disturbingly familar. Read More »

Will Obama Get Re-elected? Don’t Just Watch The Polls; Instead, Follow The Money

With a deadline coming Friday, this will be a good time to once again drill down on what the president's fundraising could mean for his re-election prospects. Read More »

It’s the Republicans’ Economy Now

Conservative insistence on huge budget cuts virtually guarantees the reelection of Barack Obama — and a lot of financial pain for the rest of us. Read More »

Devotion To Conservative Principle No Longer Behind Debt Crisis — Now It’s Just Naked GOP Politics Driving Us Off A Cliff

There is but one thing preventing House Republicans from soliving the debt crisis: fear of facing primary opponents in next year's elections. Read More »

If Not ‘Mano-a-Mano,’ What Were You Expecting, Mr. Speaker?

John Boehner is one of the Republicans who started this giant game of chicken in the first place. Read More »

Michele Bachmann: Plenty of Headaches, But Migraines Not Among Them

Michele Bachmann has much more important impediments in establishing her fitness for office than her persistent headaches. Read More »

The Two Parties: Republicans Are Politically Impotent; Democrats Remember Why They Became Democrats in the First Place

You know the shoe really is on the other foot in Washington when it's the Republicans who can't get anything done, and the Democrats are the ones who stand up and fight. Read More »

The Sad Pointlessness Of John Boehner

Love her or hate her, Nancy Pelosi accomplished much as House speaker. The same can't be said for John Boehner. Read More »

In Federal Budget Debate, Let There be no Sacred Cows; or Sacred Horses

You know that there is something wrong with the federal government when horses get better treatment than the average American taxpayer. Read More »