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The Internet: Where Great DJs Go When Radio Goes Bad

When 105.9 The Edge went off the air in Washington, the suddenly-out-of-work jocks didn't complain — they took their acts online. Read More »

In the Outcry Over Troy Davis, Where was the Tea Party?

With its supposed love of the Constitution and skepticism of government, the tea party should have been in the fight for Davis' life. Read More »

Just Who is Destroying the Institution of Marriage, Exactly?

A simple 77-year-old man from Indio, Calif. could tell televangelist Pat Robertson what marriage really is all about. Read More »

Angry Liberals

Rather than apologize, the left needs more angry loudmouths like Teamsters chief Jim Hoffa. Read More »

A Jobs Plan Scorecard

Use these four criteria to help rate President Obama's new jobs plan. Read More »

Hurricane-Force Politics: Ron Paul Nostalgic For 1900, the Year a Big One Killed 8,000

How can Ron Paul wax nostalgic for the days when so many died in a hurricane that their bodies were buried at sea? Or when the only government assistance was free whiskey to the men charged with clearing the corpses? Read More »

All the President’s Men (and Women): Electing a Cast of Thousands

We aren't just electing a president; we're electing an entire army to populate the federal government. We ought to think about who these folks might be, and where they come from. Read More »

Rick Perry’s No George W. Bush? Oh, Sure, He Is

To be sure, the two Texans may be poles apart on policy. But, close your eyes and listen to Rick Perry for a few moments and then tell me something doesn't ring awfully familiar. Read More »

Two Liberal Icons That This Lefty Simply Can’t Abide

Enough with the deification of either John Lennon or Frankin Roosevelt. Neither one deserves it. Read More »

Republican Candidates Have But One Opponent: Mitt Romney

The field of GOP presidential hopefuls has but one task now: drive Mitt Romney out of frontrunner status. Read More »