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home based business

Home based business has existed for a long time, though it has often meant babysitting or Tupperware parties. The Internet has enabled a new generation of home entrepreneurs. Blogs, web sites, and cost-effective online marketing tools allow work at home businesses to reach customers worldwide. Common business models for home-based businesses include selling products online (e-commerce), online advertising sales, and ... Read More »

small business

Small business is widely considered the “growth engine” of the world economy. In the U.S., small firms employ about half of all workers and generate the majority of new jobs. While the twentieth century was dominated by big corporations and multinational conglomerates, the twenty first century is increasingly the age of small business. Small businesses, startups, the self-employed, and work ... Read More »


Internetriches is a shortening of the title of a book by Scott Fox, as well as a general tag used by bloggers seeking to make money online. More information can be found at internet riches, the expanded tag page. Read More »

internet riches

Internet riches is a phrase commonly used to refer to strategies for making money online. It is also the title of a book on the subject by author and entrepreneur Scott Fox. Pursuing internet riches usually means developing e-commerce products and web marketing strategies that take advantage of the Internet’s wide and inexpensive reach. Innovative new business models that often ... Read More »

venture capital

A small business looking to grow often needs money for expansion. Venture capital is designed to help such early stage businesses. Venture capital firms are generally funded by institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, or high net worth individuals. These investors allocate some of their investment capital to venture firms in hopes of getting a piece of ... Read More »


Startups are entrepreneurial business ventures. Usually founded by an individual or small team of professionals, startups are generally based on an invention, innovation, or improvements to existing products or services. The combination of this business insight, ambition, and hard work results in a new company. Starting new companies has gotten easier with each passing year, especially since the arrival of ... Read More »

search engine marketing

As the toll booths on the information superhighway, search engines have come to dominate the daily research tasks of most Internet users. With their billions of daily search requests by hundreds of millions of users, the search engines have aggregated an audience that is both useful and attractive to online marketers. Search engine marketing (SEM) has developed to take advantage ... Read More »

viral marketing

“They tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends.” This is the basic premise of viral marketing. Online marketing campaigns or promotions that go “viral” when they mimic the behavior of a common cold virus. This means that they exploit the natural, interactive behavior of their hosts to spread. The interconnected nature of online communities ... Read More »

social networks

Social networks are the Internet-powered relationship engines of the twenty first century.  Popular sites like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn are all examples.  These services specialize in facilitating connections between people who share similar interests or professional pursuits. The magic of social networks lies in their interconnected nature which constantly delivers updates on the background and daily activities of users’ “friends.”  ... Read More »

search engine optimization

Attracting more free visitor traffic is the goal of any blogger or website owner. Search engine optimization can help with this because it is the process of fine-tuning a web site to attract higher rankings in search engine results. SEO tactics include modification of key words and phrases visible on the site to visitors, editing of meta tags, improvement in ... Read More »