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Opie Hendrix – San Jacinto

I’ve been sitting on this last piece of found musica for too long, so I’ll just knock it out here for you while I sit and listen to it. I found this one on my desk when I got back from Minneapolis a week or two ago, a present from The Wife. I finally got to listen to it on ... Read More »

Texas Music Christmas Surprise

For the independent Texas Music lover on your Christmas list, the good news is that there is a plethora (“would you say I have a plethora of them?”) of great choices out there. The one I’m going to pick out for you here is not necessarily my favorite — I couldn’t make that choice with a gun to my head. ... Read More »


Today’s the anniversary of the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn 13 years ago in a helicopter crash in Wisconsin. Stevie is, in this man’s opinion, the greatest blues guitarists ever.* Mike Rhyner, today on the Ticket, made a good point about Stevie, something to the effect that he was probably the last to genuinely channel Jimi Hendrix, and damn if ... Read More »

F.Co, The King of Texas

Here’s a lovely little five-piece out of Houston, Texas for your listening pleasure. They’re called F.Co., and you pronounce that “eff koh”. Or at least they do. The band has been together since 1999, and was started up by Thomas Watts and Ryan Mucha. They’ve got at least one award under their belt already: KIKK-FM (R.I.P.) named them Texas Most ... Read More »

Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Bow Down Before The Master! I can’t think of a single guitarist I’ve ever known in my life that didn’t do the duckwalk given half a chance. And I’ve never known a single guitarist that didn’t give all the credit to Chuck Berry. The first time I heard a full Chuck Berry album was in the summer of 1974. I ... Read More »

Opie Hendrix in the Houston Press

All right, All Right, ALL RIGHT!  One of my Top of the Pops Bayou City musicians, Opie Hendrix, gets the full article treatment in the Houston Press.  He was a blues slinger then. Not anymore. “I got sick of playing mediocre, half-assed blues for drunken audiences,” Hendrix says. “There are legends out there — and then there are cats like ... Read More »

Hangdogs – Texas wants ’em anyway…

If all yall New York Intelligentsia ever, ever, ever get the urge to loosen the ties, take off the specs, rake out the hair gel, and put down the WSJ, I highly recommend that you make the time to take in The Hangdogs at The Rodeo Bar, right there in your fine city.  I met them a week or two ... Read More »