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Perfect Sound Forever — The Story of Pavement by Rob Jovanovic

In his 200-page book named after Pavement's second EP on Drag City Records, Jovanovic captures the most significant times of the influential band's decade-long career. Read More »

90 Day Men — Panda Park (Southern Records)

Panda Park overflows with Eno-esque linear prog-pop progressions in which beauty and soulfulness pervade. Read More »

The Return of Don Caballero?

Famed math rockers Don Caballero are poised for a return.... sort of. Read More »

Numbers & Ssion Live at Triple Rock Social Club (Feb. 11, 2004)

Numbers fashions that type of danceable punk that has been oh the rave in the past 18 months. But while you can say that The Rapture sounds like a combination between Public Image Limited and the Cure or that Radio 4 sounds like Gang of Four, you can less accurately pigeonhole Numbers as derivative of one specific influence. Read More »

Outkast Grammys Performance Racist?

A new round of apologies from CBS, and this time no teats were bared. Read More »

Trans Am: “Remote Control” from Liberation

Trans Am returns with their seventh full-length release, entitled Liberation. From Trans Am’s press release for Liberation: “Liberation is the first album on which politics have crept into their music. Their position is unambiguous. Recorded in summer and fall of 2003 at National Recording Studio, built by the band in 1998, Liberation reflects and contains sounds of the tension coursing ... Read More »

Franz Ferdinand — Darts of Pleasure EP (Domino)

Touted as the new Strokes, Interpol or what-have-you, Glasgow's Franz Ferdinand is riding enough hype about their recently released EP, entitled Darts of Pleasure, to become the next big thing in independent rock. Read More »

No Matter What You Heard Top 11 Albums of 2003

No Matter What You Heard presents its best indie rock, electro, and hip hop of 2003. Read More »

No Matter What You Heard Best EP of 2003

It's that time of year when lists are expected of us bloggers. Though my list for best albums of the year is nearly complete, I thought I would give props to the best EPs that battled for playing time this year. So here is the first installment in the No Matter What You Heard best-of series. Read More »

Reflections on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Albums of 1990

Pitchfork Media, that sassy and sardonic bunch of know-it-all indie hipsters. You either love 'em or ya hate 'em. But you at least have to give the independent media outlet some credit for revisiting their Top 100 list of the 1990s. Read More »