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Obama Concedes the Space Race

Barack Obama lied about maintaining a strong, viable national space program during the 2008 campaign season. Read More »

South Carolina’s Sen. Lindsey Graham Censured Illegally

South Carolina Ron Paul Bots have now illegally censured Senator Lindsey Graham. Read More »

A Possible Break in the Al Qaeda Plot Against Hillary Clinton?

New information on the August, 2009 Al Qaeda attempt on Hillary Clinton's life may have surfaced. Read More »

Amazon, eBay, Homeland Insecurity, Hot Pants Bombers, and Common Sense?

What if Amazon, eBay or Google were allowed to run the No-Fly Lists instead of Homeland Insecurity? Read More »

How Conservatives Have Destroyed the Founders’ Intent

Conservatives appear to have forgotten that our Founding Fathers never intended to nationalize Congressional and Senate elections. Read More »

Janeane Garofalo and the Art of Civil Political Discourse

Janeane Garofalo seems to have this irrational theory that anyone who criticizes Barack Obama is a racist. Read More »

Was There an Al Qaeda Plot Against Hillary Clinton?

Did al Qaeda plan to attack Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she was in Kenya? Read More »

Why Is the Media Ignoring the Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Hillary Clinton?

Why is the media ignoring an alleged Al Qaeda plot to kill Hillary Clinton? Read More »

Obama’s Little Back to School Special

Once again, Barack Obama's overreach is so extreme it is almost laughable. Read More »

The Chip on Rush Limbaugh’s Shoulder

Rush Limbaugh's irrational dislike of "country club" Republicans will harm the GOP. Read More »