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Like Heaven for here!

** My co-blogger on The S-Train Canvass, T-Steel, helped contribute to this entry. Thanks T! 🙂 To me, religion is a personal thing. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t discuss religion much with people unless it infringes on people’s rights and/or uses violent means to spread its doctrine. But I came upon a website called Rapture Ready that, ... Read More »

America Impossible…

Here in the Detroit Metro area, the only mass transportation we have is the bus. And it’s a BIG PROBLEM. When you talk other mass transit options in Detroit this is what you hear from various sources such as the mayor, city council, county commissioner, corporations, and small business owners: Impossible! Will cost $500 billion for a subway; I’ve checked ... Read More »

Dishing out evil…

Since 9/11, I have never heard the word evil mentioned so much by regular folks and the media. While there is evil in the world, I am very concerned that we are using evil too much to describe people, groups, nations, organizations, etc. Instead of using the Webster’s definition of evil, I prefer the definition written by horror author Brian ... Read More »

R.I.P. Oldsmobile. Hello memories…

A classic GMC brand is about to be put out to pasture. The Oldsmobile 2004 line will be last one. Oldsmobile Dealers Ready to Bury Brand By JOHN PORRETTO, AP Auto Writer LAS VEGAS – No one’s wearing a sandwich board with an ominous message, but for hundreds of Oldsmobile dealers attending their industry’s annual convention, there’s no denying reality: ... Read More »

I’ll be the first to Feed The Cat!

The United States is loaded with jazz vocalists and musicians who are experimenting and producing ground-breaking music. Unfortunately, they are immediately placed and stranded in The Music Desert because of the US music industry’s American Idol fetish and Hip-Hop love fest. But in the United Kingdom, they not only encourage and appreciate the jazz visionaries, they have a whole culture ... Read More »

Swing Out Sister: Sophisti-Pop and Good Retro

Allmusic.com defines sophisti-pop as: …a smooth, jazzy style of mainstream pop/rock that appeared during the mid-’80s. In addition to jazz, many sophisti-pop artists incorporated sweet pop-soul into their sound, but the synthesizers that usually polished the arrangements marked sophisti-pop as a product of the ’80s. With its slick production and mellow, urbane feel, sophisti-pop fit both adult contemporary and quiet ... Read More »

Antonio “King Tone” Fernandez

The HBO America Undercover documentary “Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story” unnerved and saddened me in a way I thought not possible. Emmy award-winning director Jon Alpert followed the life of Antonio “King Tone” Fernandez, former leader (or “Inca”) of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (or “Latin Kings”). The Latin Kings were one of New York City’s largest ... Read More »

We all need Incognito’s love!

To say that Incognito’s new release “Who Needs Love” is refreshing is quite an understatement. For over 20 years, the brainchild of Incognito, Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, has driven this band sure and steady. In this 9th studio album, Incognito seems to encompass all their previous output into one album. Instead of sounding convoluted, it sounds new, vibrant, and exciting. Who ... Read More »