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iPhoto 4 – The Missing Manual

The latest collaborative effort of Pogue Press and O’Reilly is much more than just a step-by-step guide to using iPhoto 4 and goes way beyond the "The Missing Manual." No, this book is a well-structured and (most importantly) useful guide to digital photography, with broad appeal to photographers of all levels. Read More »

I say.. You say.. (Pronouncing ‘Abu Ghraib’ and ‘Iraq’)

It’s fun to listen to the radio – and suffer through the TV news – and hear the multitude of pronunciations of the latest buzz words. Doesn’t one begin to wonder just who is pronouncing the words correctly? Is it the savvy, ultra multi-culti NPR reporter? Or the four-star general of the US Army, who cuts through the pronunciation of ... Read More »

The Month Formerly Known As December

To help your holiday shopping, I thought it would be nice to put together a list of odd recommendations of gifts for friends and family. Remember to stay away from predictable gifts. A homemade painting and frame (done well, of course) can be a much better gift than a boring fruit basket. And now as we move further into the ... Read More »

Desparate RIAA seeks new legislation

The RIAA, along with two democratic Congressmen, in it’s ongoing effort to alienate its customers, is hoping to pass legislation that will punish “Uploaders” with stiff fines. Wired News writes: A new bill proposed in Congress on Wednesday would land a person in prison for five years and impose a fine of $250,000 for uploading a single file to a ... Read More »

Down and Out on Patriotic Soil

Oh the pleasures of being a foreigner in this fine country are plentiful and assorted. But there are certain days when those not brainwashed by this great democracy should just stay inside and ignore our senseless, patriotic ramblings. Ruth (a new blogger, by the way), a Brit, feels just this way: Now I am approaching my fifth Independence Day stateside, ... Read More »

Dear High Preists of Weblogs,

Niek Hockx writes on blogging weblogging conferences: “It is of course a well known fact that geekers and geekorettes get off simply on the fact that a new and exciting technology exists, without asking themselves for one moment if that technology is actually the best one to communicate a message to the world. To me all that live conference blogging ... Read More »

If we could just break free

Think about it. LindowsOS is only $500 for an educational site license. You can install it on as many computers as the institution owns. Here at Carolina there thousands of computers owned by the university, 99% of which are running Windows. We have a gigantic licensing deal with Microsoft, which I am positive is way, way more than $500. Think ... Read More »

The Practical Duct Tape Guide

So, you wanna spend your salary on duct tape, eh? Well, that's fine by me but perhaps you should read what you can do if that tape isn't (hopefully) needed. Read More »