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Interview with Mark Curtis – Author of Distraction

I’ve known Mark Curtis, on and off, since pre-Internet days. Yes, that long and yes, there was such a time. We probably didn’t even have mobile phones in “them days.” So it was interesting to do this interview, catch up with his latest thoughts and find out about his new book. Since his company does a lot of work for ... Read More »

Conservative Candidate Shoots Himself in the Foot

In the old days of British politics, there was a 2.5 party system, consisting of Conservatives (Tories), Labour and the Liberals. However, since Tony Blair and New Labour winning the 1997 election, we’ve moved to a one party state, ruled effectively by a President. This has been allowed to happen largely through the incompetence of the Tories in opposition, who ... Read More »

Google’s Big Idea

I thought it was time we joined in all the speculation about what Google’s grand vision is, especially as I’m increasingly convinced that, unlike Microsoft, they really “get” what’s happening vis a vis mobile technology. If you haven’t been following recent events, let me start by summarising some of the key ones recently: Google Talk takes them into VoIP. This ... Read More »

The Death Knell of Privacy

The Kansas City.com (free subscription required or sign in via my pals at the cheeky Bug Me Not) reports about a new service from Sprint, which got me thinking. The Sprint Business Mobility Framework is a service that tracks employees’ movements. It sends out alerts to management when they stray outside the designated Geofence and reports a “breadcrumb” trail of ... Read More »

Bush V’s Kennedy

I couldn’t help contrast JFK’s famous, populist “Ich bin ein Berliner” visit to Germany with Mr Bush’s visit last week to Mainz. The German government basically put the whole town into lock-down. They closed roads, schools and even rivers for the day, as well as imposing a 37 mile exclusion zone for air traffic. Meanwhile, there was also a “Red ... Read More »

Employee Trackin gis Wrong

I had a bit of a rant few months ago about companies who both make employee tracking technology and companies who use it. My main point was that if you feel the need to track employees to make sure that they’re doing their job properly, you’ve got a fundamental problem with how your company is run. And no amount of ... Read More »

Art Mobs

The artistic community can often be the source of inspiration for the mainstream. So a new exhibition, Art Mobs, could be giving us a glimpse of the future and how we can interact with our mobiles with the world around us. Art Mobs is produced in conjunction with the Yellow Arrow project, which I’ve written about before and in a ... Read More »

Cellphones Are The New Cars

I can’t find the original reference article (and I’m too mean to pay for a subscription), but The Economist apparently wrote a piece earlier in the year comparing mobiles to cars, according to the Trendwatching Newsletter. It noted (dryly): Model and customization define the owner Replacement is frequent Choice is massive Branding and design are key Competition is global Anticipation ... Read More »