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Author Interview and Book Review: The Two-Edged Sword by Donald W. Tucker

Ex-Secret Service Agent's life story reads like a best-selling 007 whodunit, more fiction than fact — yet all of it really happened. Read More »

First Step in Fixing the Federal Budget: Eliminate the Bush Tax Cuts

Does it seem the worse our federal budget woes become and the more bad news we get regarding our economy the more smiles we see on the face of Republican politicians and pundits? Read More »

Book Review: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

Law Professor Michelle Alexander’s scathing indictment of our country’s biased justice system quantifies the costs of over-population of our prisons. Read More »

Why Congressman Weiner Should Resign

It is time for the progressive stalwart to leave the public limelight for his country and his party. Read More »

Voters Send Conflicted Message to Washington: Fix this Mess but Don’t Mess with our Entitlements

Are politics or political power motivating the debate on the budget, the deficit and entitlements? Read More »

Dr. Cornel West’s Message to the President is Lost in Personal Acrimony

His attacks on the president lose credibility when they become personal. Read More »

Lessons from History, What Have we Truly Learned?

Fifty years after the Freedom Rides can America again count on its youth to become the vanguard of change? Read More »

Not Willing to Give Obama Credit for Anything

It seems the political right and the right wingnuts are so entrenched in their hatred of the president they cannot acknowledge his role in ridding the world of its most notorious terrorist. Read More »

Republicans Have Done Nothing to Address the Economy

In their first four months in control of the House of Representatives, the GOP has attacked Medicare and abortion rights. Where are the jobs? Read More »

A Different Type of President

Is the irrational opposition to President Obama motivated more by racial bias than political ideology? Read More »