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Comfort Women Not Coerced, Says Abe

This flies in the faces of the many women who, often bringing shame on themselves and their families, continue their quest for justice. Read More »

Gosh, Time, Thanks… I’d Also Like to Thank My Motherboard…

Needless to say I certainly never expected to be in the same company as Hitler and Khomeini... Read More »

Turn Off the Media Bullies

Don’t most Americans believe in building community, rather than unleashing pitbulls? Read More »

Checking on Your Elders: Just Leave the Water Running

There's nothing wrong with longevity, but I've had a glimpse of the future and I'm not sure I want to be there when it arrives. Read More »

Preposterous Slander on the Land of the Rising You-Know-What

You sure couldn’t prove it by me or anyone I know here in Japan, the land of eros unsurpassed in the realms of subtlety, but according to the annual nosy survey that condom-maker Durex conducts every year (“Pardon us for interrupting at just this moment, but…”), the Japanese have the least active sex life in the world, for two years ... Read More »

The Country Side of Life

When you move from the city into the country, a considerable number of municipally peripheral things suddenly come into your life in a big way, such as the moon and the stars. Read More »


In that still some-decades-ago-US part of my mind where my American resides, I was expecting that basically suspicious response from an incipiently surly clerk Read More »


Every American who comes to Japan and sees children playing kakurenbo is deeply shocked, even more so an American who raises children here and watches them participating in it all unaware of the horror that attends the violation of childhood's fundamental rules... Read More »

Is There Immigration after Death?

In Japan, it seems, once a foreigner, eternally a foreigner. There are cultural pioneers from abroad who have been permanent residents of Tokyo for well over a hundred years now, but their visas are no good. Read More »

Kansas Board of Education Much Less Evolved Than Previously Thought, Says Researcher

“In fact, some of these people have actually devolved during the 80 years since the Scopes ‘Monkey’ trial,” says Bill Thornton, chief DNA specialist with the National School Board Evolution Analysis Project. Read More »