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An Excellent Idea For Prescription Drugs

As I watched the end of Hannity & Colmes tonight I saw an announcement for an upcoming story about prescription drugs. The announcer said that some states were considering a new option for lowering the prices on prescription drugs. One of those states is my home state of North Dakota. Senator Dorgan, a Democrat and one of my representatives in ... Read More »

High Gas Prices

According to Reuters, gas prices in this country have hit record highs: The average price for regular gasoline struck $1.738 per gallon, up a tenth of a cent from the previous record hit in late summer 2003, according to the motorist group’s survey of more than 60,000 stations. While an all-time high in nominal terms, the current price of gasoline ... Read More »

Death Of Cameraman Ruled Justified

The death of a cameraman, who was shot and killed in Iraq by an American soldier, has been ruled tragic, but justified. From Reuters: The report, made public seven months after Dana died, found that the soldier’s “decision to fire at Mr. Dana, though tragic and regrettable, was justified based on the information available to him at the time.” Reuters ... Read More »

Indecent Exposure At The Super Bowl

This year I chose to watch the Super Bowl with my family. Me, my sisters and my nieces and nephews all met at my parents house for sub sandwiches and football. Everything was going fine. We laughed at the off-color Bud Light ad about the flatulent horse and the ad about the donkey who wanted to be a Budweiser Clydesdale. ... Read More »

Here We Go Again

From the BBC via The Agitator: Some of the world’s largest alcohol companies are facing a US lawsuit from angry parents worried that adverts are aimed at teenagers. Diageo, Heineken, Bacardi and Coors are among seven producers named in a lawsuit that accuses them of deliberately targeting young drinkers. … Health groups link a surge in underage drinking to aggressive ... Read More »

Dean’s Brother Given Military Honors For Being A Tourist

From the Drudge Report: Active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are upset over being forced take part in a military repatriation ceremony today for remains believed to be those of the non-military brother of presidential candidate Howard Dean, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. … JPAC was pressured to not only recover his brother’s remains, but to bump Dean’s recovery ... Read More »

HIV-Positive Muppet Wins Award

From Yahoo News: The U.N. Children’s Fund announced Monday that it has appointed an HIV-positive puppet who stars in the South African version of Sesame Street as a “global champion for children.” Kami, a furry yellow puppet who appears regularly on Takalani Sesame, represents a 5-year-old girl who has been orphaned by AIDS. UNICEF said she “has brought levity and ... Read More »

Ed Schultz As Incoherent As Ever

From the KFGO website: The attack is on the from the conservative right. All you have to do is search on google for Ed Schultz, and I will give them a plug, and you will see some of the most outlandish things that have ever been said or written about me as a radio personality and as a person. One ... Read More »

Place The Blame Where It Belongs

From CNN: A federal appeals court Thursday reinstated a wrongful death lawsuit against the gun industry in a decision expected to re-ignite debate over legislation immunizing gun makers from being sued for crimes committed with their products. Thirty-three states already have laws exempting gun manufacturers and distributors from such suits. The House in April passed a bill to extend the ... Read More »