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DVD Review: Captain N: The Game Master – The Complete Series

Captain N is "N" the house! Somebody put me out of my misery... Read More »

Nintendo GBA Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis

Why are you content with raping your fan's wallets Sega? WHY? Read More »

DVD Review: Inspector Gadget – The Original Series

Go-Go buy this Inspector Gadget set? Read More »

Black on Black: A Tribute to Black Flag

Black on Black? It should been called "crap on crap." Read More »

PS2 Review: Taito Legends

For 80 quarters you can own all of these arcade classics! Coin slot not included. Read More »

Xbox Review: OutRun 2006 – Coast 2 Coast

So good, so fresh, so OutRun... whatever that means! Read More »

Gaming: A Stagnant Puddle of Mediocrity

The answer? New IPs or innovation, that is the question. Read More »

Gear Review: X-Arcade Dual Joystick

I love things that start with X. XXX movies, Xbox, X-Men, and now the X-Arcade Dual Joystick! Read More »

DVD Review: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it's time to go. Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let's do the Mario! Read More »

Interview: Bill Kunkel — The Game Doctor

An interview for the ages! A compelling interview with one of the first videogame journalists, Bill Kunkel. Read More »