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The 15 Percent Solution; Adapting to the Brave New Health Care World

Increased revenues, simplicity and an incentive to hire - The 15 percent solution to health care. Read More »

Memo to the Democrats: Welcome to the NFL

Jerry Glanville's words are as true today as they were in 1989. Read More »

Resolving The Health Care Debate – The Vassar Plan

Health care can be fixed by involving both the states and the federal government in the mix. Read More »

Dude, Pay My Claim

With private health care, I get care but it doesn't pay for a lot. With government health care, I won't get health care but it will be free!! Read More »

Finance and Insurance: How a Change in Focus Led to an Economic Crisis

The current financial crisis can be traced to a misguided focus on financing without an understanding of the risk of loss. We took our eye off the ball. Read More »

How Do You Survive a 47 Story Fall? You Don’t

For commercial properties, safety is essential, and attainable. Read More »

Joe Gibbs Resigns – Now What?

The Washington Redskins will never right the ship until Dan Snyder sells the team. Read More »

Blogcritics Way Out Front on Bayh Story

National Press Club president six months behind bloggers with her "breaking" story. Read More »

My Favorite Clean Jokes

Normal people are just people you don't know very well. Read More »

The Washington Redskins: A Franchise’s Downward Spiral

Dan Snyder has got to go. Read More »