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Author Archives: Rick Stilwell

Book Review: Divine Nobodies by Jim Palmer

I think that's what drew me into this book so deeply, the way he grows to not only welcome but to also expect those unexpected twists in his life. Read More »

Book Review: Beatitude by Matthew Paul Turner

One of those books that just begs to be read slowly and passed along. Read More »

Book Review: Fighting For Dear Life by David Gibbs

Once in a while I try to read something that has the stack decked against it in my head ... but I'm still skewed. Read More »

Book Review: What The Heck Am I Going To Do With My Life? by Margaret Feinberg

Be warned - words like passion and destiny and calling are big, powerful, meaningful words. And I think this little book does them well. Read More »

Book Review: A Heretic’s Guide To Eternity by Spencer Burke

Sometimes a book needs to be read slowly, digested carefully, questioned interactively. Read More »

Book Review: Paradoxy by Tom Taylor

Drawing from his life as a pastor and scholar, Taylor shares the ups and downs of ministry. Read More »

Book Review: The Multi-Site Church Revolution by Surratt, Ligon, and Bird

I've been a part of something that is brand-spanking new, and this book describes it. Read More »

Review: Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Maximum Ride takes flight in this Young Adult series. Read More »

Book Review: Painting In The Dark by Paul Thorson

Thorson flips on a switch in a dark room - but only for a moment, giving just a quick glimpse at what the room looks like... Read More »

Product Review: Keurig Ultra B50

My eight-year-old can make my coffee. She doesn't want to drink it, just make it - and that's okay with me for now. Read More »