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Music Review: Eric Stuart Band – In the Country of Kings

A jewel in this country star's crown. Read More »

False Idols

Kill Your Idols Read More »

Satire: Teen Suicide – What’s Stopping You?

My Chemical Romance and other like bands revel in teen angst. Read More »

Mix Tape Blues – Copyright Edition

Actually, many of the CDs I own are because I bought the album after hearing it on a mix CD. Read More »

Greatest Hits and Go to Hell: The (Reluctant) Best and (Not So Reluctant) Worst of 2006

The best and worst songs of 2006... Read More »

Arguing With A Hipster About Tom Waits

Arguing about the career of Tom Waits on his 57th birthday. Happy Birthday, Tom! Read More »

The Pop Star Cycle

A look at the life cycle of a man-made pop star. Read More »

The Queen Is Dead, Boys, And It’s So Lonely On A Limb

I will not wax poetic on the closing of CBGB's. Read More »