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Book Review: The Map of the Sky by Felix J. Palma

Did H.G. Wells really believe that Martians could invade England? Read More »

Book Review: Dumping the Magic: A Retired Cynic Revisits Spirituality and Healing by Connie Donaldson

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Book Review: The Shadow Man by Mark Murphy

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Book Review: The English Monster: or, The Melancholy Transactions Of William Ablass by Lloyd Shepherd

Two centuries, one of evil and one of goodness, are connected through the vestiges of slavery, English slavery. Read More »

Book Review: A Gift for My Sister by Ann Pearlman

Two half sisters attempt to find one another through trauma and love. Read More »

Book Review: Smart Baby, Clever Child by Valentine Dmitriev

An infant's beginning days, weeks, months, and years are critical for forming an intelligent brain. Read More »

Book Review: A Common Loss by Kirsten Tranter

Four friends each receive a letter detailing a deep personal sin from a man who recently was killed. Read More »

Book Review: Ship of Souls by Zetta Elliott

A brilliant youth begins a friendship with a beautiful woman and handsome basketball player in a tale that ends in the surreal. Read More »

Book Review: On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America by Lisa Winkler

After a 5000 mile ride on a horse, a Black Cowboy finally arrives in Los Angeles Read More »

Book Review: Unwanted: A Novel by Kristina Ohlsson

A young girl sleeping in a railroad coach is abducted when her mother temporarily steps off the train to make a phone call. Read More »