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Movie Review: Black Swan

A modern version of Tcaicovsky's Swan Lake, The Black Swan is a hauntingly beautiful film centred around the ballet world. Read More »

Movie Review: Inception – Real World and Dream World Distinction

Inception is a sci-fi action movie by Christopher Nolan starring Leonardo DiCaprio who battles between lucid dreaming and dream incubation. Read More »

Marriage Preparation Courses – For Better or Worse?

Marriage preparation courses -- essential counselling before life with your partner or an unnecessary placebo that holds no guarantee of success? Read More »

credit crunch

A credit crunch is a direct result of a recession in an economy. Due to the bleak finanacial state of a country, banks enforce a stricter lending policy making loans almost unattainable and the availability of credit scarce, which is deemed a “Credit Crunch” or “Credit Crisis.” By actioning a credit crunch, it is hoped that the economy can revive ... Read More »

2010 Graduates Are Faced with Unemployment

2010 graduates have a slim chance of finding a job this summer as the competition runs high during the recession Read More »