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You Don’t Serve, So Don’t Run: A Primary Challenge to Obama?

I hereby announce that I oppose the renomination of Barack Obama for the Democratic party candidacy. Read More »

Movie Review: Certified Copy

So many questions; so few answers. Is this all there is? Read More »

Would You Buy a Used President from These People?

I won't be sold a Pinto president as a good thing just because the other choice is a Yugo. Read More »

Waiting For Robbin’ Hood At The Goal Line

It's the owners who want "more guarantees" of returns for the "risks" they take having the taxpayers build their stadiums. Read More »

Sell-Us-Tea-All Navigation

Not being a child of the sixties, Obama clearly needs a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Read More »

Republicans: Welcome to Lupine Equality!

How's that outsourcing thing workin' for ya? Like them lower wages? You'll adapt! Only the strong survive, ya know. Read More »

Sixteen Tons and What Do You Get?

Get back to work, you slacker, or your boss will find someone in China who really wants that job! Read More »

Marley For President!

There is too much of a pattern here to believe any longer that Democratic failures are purely coincidental. Read More »

Forever Young-minded

Americans cannot handle having an adult in power. How's THAT gonna work out for ya, America? Read More »

A Pox On Both Of Their Mansions

Trying to steal even more from your employer than you already do, you worthless scum? Read More »