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Have I Reached the Party to Whom I Am Speaking?

I just figured it would be the Obama wing of the Democratic voter base who would be wielding the flamethrowers. Read More »

Open Letter to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Am I to reward Democratic incompetence and cowardice with my scarce resources when I will need them for myself? Read More »

Barry’s Trouble Every Day

Obama has publicly expressed a confidence that too many of us liberals don't feel. Cue the excuses! Read More »

Remoras Love Bloody Water

Americans are too enraptured with the simplistic and violent Hollywood movie ending as the solution to major problems. Read More »

Kevorkian Peaked Too Soon

Makes one wonder why some Republican entrepreneur hasn't picked up on this opportunity. Read More »

The Mfecane of 2011

Maybe they realize that even they don't have enough money to buy enough security protection from starving mobs. Read More »

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

If the GOP is always dictating when it's time for tolerance and compromise, the Democrats have already lost. Read More »

Rendering Unto Caesar

Do you REALLY think you pay too much in taxes? Maybe you should run the numbers! Read More »

The Flock Got Outta Here!

Obama Peep, losing his sheep, thinks he can reclaim them with Promises he'd made that Republicans stayed. Read More »

Jim Jones Taught Me not to Drink the Kool-Aid

Barack Obama and his handlers played the American people to win the presidency. Read More »