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Abu Ghraib in America?

The decision to give the President sole authority in military detentions attacks the very foundations of the Constitution. Read More »

Conservative? Uncle Sam And Uncle George Need You To Put Your Life Where Your Mouth Is!

The children of the boomers have little doubt that the Iraq war is theirs. Why won't they fight it themselves? Read More »

The Hurricane Winds Of Change

Is the independent judiciary the next target on the Bush hit list? Read More »

Gas Pricing for Votes

Esau traded his birthright for pottage. Would you trade your vote to pay a bit less per tank until November? Read More »

Always Less For The Workers – Always

Competitiveness? I got your competitiveness -- right here! Read More »

It Isn’t How You Play The Game, It’s That You Win It

Living The Good Life means never having to say you're working. Read More »

With Bin Laden Dead Who’ll Be The Next Terror Bogeyman?

Bad boy! Bad boy! What he gonna do when his time is through? Read More »

Music Review: The Spicewood Seven – Kakistocracy

Today's musical question: Is America governed by the least and the worst? Read More »

Speaking Loudly – And Carrying A VERY Big Stick

Is American leadership of the world a thing of the past? Read More »