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Paul Krugman Has Irrational Complacency on the Brain

George Will should have to be a non-white woman working for a meager living in a sweatshop. Read More »

No Wonder Bill’s Wealthy!

Is government supposed to further enrich the wealthy software monopolies? Read More »

I’m Looking Over George Bush’s Shoulder

It's the custom of the US Congress to investigate the activities of the national military and its commander in chief. Read More »

The Limits of Technology

How foolproof are software designs and testing procedures before actual field application? Read More »

Music Review: Brad Wilson

You can almost hear Duane Allman whispering ideas into Wilson's fingers. Read More »

Here Comes The Free Sun

Brilliance can empower as well as enslave. Read More »

Yankee Doodle’s World Turned Upside Down

Has the U.S. become a dictatorship? Read More »

Has Iraq Gone Down The Drain?

Pundits lie wide-awake late at night pondering the Iraqi disaster. Read More »

Who’ll Be The Next In Line?

Who will go first: George Bush or the Islamic Regime of Iran? Read More »

When Bad News Is Good News

McCain has more to worry about in Arizona than just the memories of Charles Keating and Lincoln Savings. Read More »