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Oh Give Me A Home Where The Repo Men Don’t Roam!

As hard as the urban campboy life is, do we throw poor folks over the rail to feed wealthy sharks? Read More »

Shirkin’ for A Livin’

I'm really glad that I didn't vote for Obama. I'd be even more disappointed in him than I now am. Read More »

Damn The Peasants! Raise The Clawback Bridge!

Woe betide those seen as aiding and abetting Wall Street greed! Read More »

Truth, To Powerlessness

There's no need to ask for whom the writing on the video wall scrawls - it scrolls for thee. Read More »

When The Grim Reaper Calls

One doesn't win against acute leukemia, a disease variant which kills very quickly. Read More »

The Tee Tax Revolt

Pay to play now, or pay even more to play later. The game you save may well be your own. Read More »

Obama the Bust Truster

We shouldn't be outraged that the Democrats bit us now that they don't need our votes for a few years. Read More »

Book Review: Lessons In Disaster – McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam by Gordon M. Goldstein

Did Bundy not want his legacy to reflect his shortcomings and mistakes unchallenged? Read More »

Eat Your Black Olive Lexus, Friedman!

Thomas Friedman has a little problem, and he doesn't have the answer ready to solve it. Read More »

Who Would Jesus Lay Off? (Part II)

It's hard on the street when you're (pink) slipped! Read More »