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Book Review: Atlantis: Bearer of Fruit by David Speight

The adventure will take you on a journey filled with excitement, mysticism and historical references of Atlantis from Biblical to Grecian accounts. Read More »

Book Review: Edge of Ready by L. B. Tillit

A teenager finds faith in her own power. Read More »

Book Review: Heaven’s Daughter by Maggi A. Petton

Heaven's Daughter explores self-deception, the resulting consequences, and the forgiveness that helps us heal. Read More »

Book Review: Your Daily Walk with the Great Mind, 3rd Edition by Richard A. Singer, Jr.

Do you desire to change the world? It all starts with you so let's begin your transformation today! Read More »

Book Review: Spare Change by Bette Lee Crosby

Olivia Westerly’s father disowned her when she tossed her nose in the air and left home in pursuit of a job he considered scandalous. Read More »

Book Review: I Must Survive by Harry Simpson

Brad Howard's PBR crew has been killed and he is stranded in Viet Nam miles from base. Read More »

Interview: Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie, author of Unthinkable: Tips for Surviving a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury

In one single instant ten years ago, Dixie's family’s world was changed forever by traumatic brain injury. Read More »

Book Review: Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror, and Triumph Through A Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury by Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie

First shocked with horror and despair after her son's traumatic brain injury, Dixie Coskie grows to find hope, healing, and even greater love. Read More »

Book Review: Farsighted by Emlyn Chand

Alex's life has never been easy. Unfortunately, Alex is in store for an unexpected and often embarrassing ability to "see" the future. Read More »

Book Review: Unthinkable: Tips for Surviving a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury by Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie

Brain injury survival tips for parents, caregivers, friends, and heath care professionals. Read More »