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Book Review: The Idiot: I Was a Lunatic from a Geordie Grangetown by David Poulter

Teaches us about the importance of looking inside ourselves and figuring out what is real. Read More »

Book Review: We Shall Rise: Misfits of the Lore, Book 2 by J. E. Hopkins

No immoral is safe. This is a fight for freedom and a fight against genocide. Read More »

Book Review: Three Gifts by Mary Flinn

Three Gifts is a heartwarming story of a married couple growing together, finding strength and ultimately faith in character-building. Read More »

Book Review: Fancie’s Followers by Jannet Ridener

Stalled party plans, religious services, romance, and a midlife crisis lead earnest people into a forest for escape, blessings, notice, and solace. Read More »

Book Review: Cover Her Body (A Singular Village Mystery) by Eleanor Sullivan

Death was not uncommon in 1830s Ohio. But murder? Read More »

Book Review: The Call by Derald Hamilton

Satire and the supernatural blend together in this humorous but disturbing account of divinity school and the people who are drawn to ministry. Read More »

Book Review: Between the Cracks (eBook) by Kim McDougall

Evoking memories of fables and fairy-tales, Between the Cracks is a collection of McDougall's stories and poems marked by touches of humor, fantasy, folklore and eroticism. Read More »

Book Review: Bedtime Story by Alim Kanoukoev

Two lives, divided by time and fate, have a link, which neither of them know exists. Read More »

Book Review: The Auto-Self: The Key to Creating Star Performers and to Becoming a Star Yourself by Dr. Barry Borgerson

Conquer the auto-self by recognizing it, understanding it, and improving it through Dan Nelson's transformation techniques. Read More »

Book Review: Secrets of Woodcrest: Escape from Levitius by Diane Mayer Christiansen

Sam and her friends are institutionalized at St. Levitius for possessing strange abilities. Read More »